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Contact™ is a software suite that implements the EN15302 standard recommendations.

The equivalent conicity is a fundamental parameter used to define the quality of wheel-rail contact, and therefore the dynamic running performance of the rolling stock.

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Equivalent conicity

The equivalent conicity can be calculated for each wheel-rail interface, in function of the lateral displacement of the hunting motion.

The contact geometry is a set of functions:

  • Difference of rolling radius right and left

  • Tangents of contact angles

  • Coordinates of right contact points

  • Coordinates of left contact points

  • Equivalent Conicity

  • Steering index

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contact conicita linea

Data integration

The software can calculate all parameters of contact geometry for wheel-rail and wheelset-track coupling, knowing the profiles of the wheel and of the rail.
Contact™ is interfaced with all DMA instruments for wheel and rail profile measurement, both manual and optical without Contact™. It is possible to use data coming from third-party sources.
The most important commercial file structure formats are included in a file import module, but it is possible to develop customized import modules.


The potential of having a large amount of data measured with the DMA instruments, allows for many calculation options.

The wheel-rail calculation possibilities are:

  • Single wheel-rail contact calculation

  • All possible combinations between a number M of wheelset profiles and a number N of tracks profiles (MxN single calculations)

  • Continuous diagram of equivalent conicity obtained by multiple calculations between a wheelset and all the sections measured on track section

contact line proc

Example of Contact™ output

contact contatto singolo

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