DMA’s Track Component Video Inspection System (TCVIS) automatically recognizes missing or misaligned track components including fasteners and bolts, damaged joint bars (fish plates), and more. Modular and flexible, the TCVIS can be configured to inspect the rail top, rail features, rail and track components, and other items specific to a customer’s track infrastructure. The TCVIS can link with other measurement systems for data synergies and immediate visual track component information in areas of interest, such as defects.

Measures more critical parameters than manual instruments

  • Top of the rail
  • Joint bars
  • Fasteners and clips
  • Sleepers
  • Surface defects

Suitable for

Mainline rail

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Examples of TCVIS output

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Awesome Image

DMA-designed linear camera performs real-time image compression. Features a small footprint and operates using standard IP CAT6 eliminating the need for complex connections