DMA offers a wide array of catenary monitoring solutions, all fully compliant with global norms and standards. Our solutions accurately identify problematic wear or damage that can impact the network’s performance. Our catenary solutions include:

Wire Geometry + Wear (WiGeoW)

DMA’s Wire Geometry + Wear (WiGeoW) is a non-contact system that measures wire height and stagger using laser scanners and high-resolution digital cameras. The WiGeoW also measures residual wire thickness, identifying wear or damage that can affect the network’s performance.

Overhead Catenary Video (OHC/OHE/OCS/OHV)

DMA’s Overhead Catenary Video (OHC/OHE/OCS/OHV) records images of the pantograph riding on the catenary wire including location markers. The images can be used in combination with other measurement systems to diagnose problems and analyze pantograph performance.