DMA’s Turnout & Crossing Measurement System (TCMS) is an example of innovation only DMA can provide. Unlike any other solution available today, the TCMS features a single measurement instrument for both switch and track geometry, automatic localization, and a data management solution in one system. For stations and yards that have hundreds of switches, the DMA-designed automatic localization feature is essential. The TCMS replaces manual tests, providing measurements under load and yielding a permanent record.

  • ideal for every type of turnout & crossing
  • Switch measurements under load
  • Covers same switch parameters as manual tools
  • Real-time critical defect reporting
  • Unmanned operation for safety and efficiency
  • Easily connects with DMA’s Video Inspection System
  • Multiple configuration options available
  • Extreme cold or hot temperature options

Suitable for

Switch and Crossing Inspection, in stations, yards, and on mainline track
Mainline track geometry measurements

Spec snapshot

Switch measurements at up to 60km/h
Complete Horizontal cross section at -14 mm
EN 13848 compliant
Real time data display
Self-adapts to speed for measuring points or plain track