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About DMA™

Our solutions help protect and optimize the infrastructure of some of the world’s largest and busiest rail networks, small networks, and light rail. We design, test, improve and perfect every solution in-house with our master team of system designers, engineers, and mathematicians. We work closely with our customers to ensure quick commissioning, successful system integration, and the very best support.

Major railways in Italy, France, Germany, UK and Switzerland rely on DMA innovation and engineering to effectively manage their infrastructure and control maintenance costs. DMA makes significant investments in Research & Development as well as in attracting and retaining the best and brightest electronics, optics, mechanics, and software designers and engineers. We take pride in mastering every aspect of our solutions using internal resources, knowing it is the best way to ensure reliable system integration and optimization.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving the safety and availability of railway networks. Our innovative solutions revolutionize railway maintenance with superior technology supported by our expert, professional team. As the industry leader, we will continuously evolve to meet our customers’ needs without ever compromising quality.

Trainborne solutions

DMA offers a wide array of Trainborne solutions, all fully compliant with global norms and standards. DMA-designed for longevity and industry-leading reliability with innovative technology specifically created for railway applications.

Turnout & Crossing Measurement System

The TCMS features a single measurement instrument for both switch and track geometry, automatic localization, and a data management solution in one system.  For stations and yards that have hundreds of switches, the DMA-designed automatic localization feature is essential. The TCMS replaces manual tests, providing measurements under load and yielding a permanent record.

Track Geometry Measurement System

DMA’s Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS) combines rail profile and track geometry systems, efficiently and accurately recording both measurements with one instrument.  DMA-designed for longevity and low maintenance with compact dimensions for easy installation.

Rail Profile Measurement System

DMA's Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS) monitors rail profile and wear with compact dimensions for easy installation on most bogies and trains in regular revenue service. The RPMS delivers the high accuracy required for rail grinding applications.

Track Component Video Inspection System

DMA's Track Component Video Inspection System (TCVIS) automatically recognizes missing or misaligned track components including fasteners and bolts, damaged joint bars (fish plates), and more.  Modular and flexible, the TCVIS can be configured to inspect the rail top, rail features, rail and track components, and other items specific to a customer's track infrastructure.  The TCVIS can link with other measurement systems for data synergies and immediate visual track component information in areas of interest, such as defects. DMA-designed linear camera performs real-time image compression. Features a small footprint and operates using standard IP CAT6 eliminating the need for complex connections.


DMA's Driver's View Video (DVV) collects digital images of the track for visual review and analysis of safety conditions, detected exceptions, accident investigations, and inspection planning.  The DVV can operate in stand-alone mode or as an integrated component of a track inspection system.  When used with measurement systems, visual location information is linked to measurement data, providing users immediate access to visual location information on sites of interest, such as a defect location. This reduces the need for on-site visits and helps in maintenance planning.

Overhead Catenary Video (OHC/OHE/OCS/OHV)

Catenary Measurements: DMA's Overhead Catenary Video (OHC/OHE/OCS/OHV) records images of the pantograph riding on the catenary wire including location markers.  The images can be used in combination with other measurement systems to diagnose problems and analyze pantograph performance, for example the Wire Geometry + Wear (WiGeoW)
DMA's Wire Geometry + Wear (WiGeoW) is a non-contact system that measures wire height and stagger using laser scanners and high-resolution digital cameras.  The WiGeoW also measures residual wire thickness, identifying wear or damage that can affect the network's performance.

Wayside solutions

DMA's Wayside Train Monitoring solutions deliver the broadest range of meaningful measurement parameters available today.  They integrate easily into your existing infrastructure and offer fast, seamless integration with other systems.

Wheel Profile Measurement System (depot version and mainline version)

DMA’s Wheel Profile Measurement System was designed to improve the safety of the rolling stock, your infrastructure, and your operators. The WPMS operates automatically when a train is arriving and collects data for each wheel of the train.  It computes the main geometrical parameters of the wheelset in real time and sends an alarm to the supervisor computer if any measured parameter is outside user-defined safety thresholds.

Pantograph Uplift Measurement System

DMA's Pantograph Uplift Measurement System (UPL) measures wire uplift, train speed, and wind speed in both directions using an optical, non-contact system mounted on an existing or dedicated catenary pole. Measurements that exceed specified limits trigger an alarm message.  The UPL is installed aside the track at a safe distance from the catenary wires so maintenance can be performed safely and without track possession.

Brake Pad Measurement System

DMA's Brake Pad Measurement System (BPMS) helps keep brake pads within safety and quality standards by accurately measuring brake pad wear using DMA-designed optical, non-contact technology.  The system sends an alarm message automatically when measurements fall outside tolerance thresholds.  The collected data supports efficient maintenance planning.


Manage thresholds, validate defects, and generate real-time turnout reports with just a few clicks.

tracksnet dashboard

Save time and easily access real-time data with DMA's TracksNet Data Management & Reporting software.

TracksNet fully integrates with existing asset management systems, including IBM's Maximo and SAP.

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